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Current Students


PhD Graduates

  1. Dr. Akshita Maradapu Vera Venkata Sai, (Fall 2018~Summer 2023), Assistant Professor, Towson University, Towson, MD, USA. Thesis: User-centric Privacy Preservation in Internet of Things Networks. Provost’s Dissertation Fellowship, Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award, 2022 Grace Hopper Celebration Student Scholarship.
  2. Dr. Madhuri Siddula (Fall 2016~Summer 2020), Assistant Professor, North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC, USA. Thesis: Privacy Preserving User Data Publication in Social Networks. GSU Three Minute Thesis Competition Winner.
  3. Dr. Dongjing Miao (Fall 2016~Fall 2018), Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China. Thesis: Computational Complexity and Algorithms for Dirty Data Evaluation and Repairing. Outstanding Graduate Research Award.
  4. Dr. Xu Zheng (Fall 2016~Summer 2018), Associate Professor, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China. Thesis: Privacy-Preserved Linkable Social-Physical Data Publication. Outstanding Graduate Research Award.
  5. Dr. Yi Liang (Fall 2014~Summer 2018), Amazon, Atlanta, GA, USA. Thesis: Privacy Leakage Through Sensory Data on Smart Devices.
  6. Dr. Zaobo He (Fall 2013~Summer 2018), Professor, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China. Thesis: Privacy Preserving Data Publishing. Outstanding Graduate Student Award, PAMCO 2016 Best Paper Award, Outstanding Graduate Research Award, Molecular Basis of Disease Graduate Fellowship, ICDCS 2015 Travel Award.
  7. Dr. Meng Han (Fall 2012~Spring 2017), Professor, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. Thesis: Influence Analysis Towards Big Social Data. Outstanding Graduate Student Award, MSN 2016 Best Paper Runner-up Award, Globecom 2016 Travel Award, Service Award.
  8. Dr. Guoliang Liu (Fall 2011~Fall 2016), CareerBuiulder, Norcross, GA, USA. Thesis: Data Dissemination and Information Diffusion in Social Networks.
  9. Dr. Mingyuan Yan (Fall 2010~Summer 2015), Associate Professor, University of North Georgia, Dahlonega, GA, USA. Thesis: Data Aggregation Scheduling in Wireless Networks. Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Service Award.
  10. Dr. Shouling Ji (Spring 2010~Spring 2013), Professor, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. Thesis: Data Collection and Capacity Analysis in Large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks. Outstanding Graduate Research Award, MSN 2012 Best Paper Award, SECON 2013 Travel Award, ICDCS 2012 Travel Award, INFOCOM 2012 Travel Award, SenSys 2011 Travel Award.
  11. Dr. Jing He (Fall 2009~Spring 2012), Associate Professor, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA, USA. Thesis: Connected Dominating Set Based Topology Control in Wireless Sensor Networks. MSN 2012 Best Paper Award, N^2 Women Young Researcher Fellowship, SenSys 2011 Travel Award, MILCOM 2011 Travel Award.
  12. Dr. Marco Valero (Fall 2009~Spring 2012), Cox Communications, Atlanta, GA, USA. Thesis: DI-SEC: Distributed Security Framework for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks. Outstanding Graduate Student Award, ICC 2011 Travel Award, MILCOM 2011 Travel Award.
  13. Dr. Chunyu Ai (Fall 2006~Summer 2010), Professor, University of South Carolina Upstate, Spartanburg, SC, USA. Thesis: Energy-efficient Data Management in Wireless Sensor Networks. Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Provost's Dissertation Fellowship, N^2 Women Young Researcher Fellowship, MSN 2009 Best Paper Award, WASA 2009 Travel Award, ICDCS 2008 Travel Award.
  14. Dr. Yiwei Wu (Fall 2006~Spring 2010), Ingenico, Alpharetta, GA, USA. Thesis: Connected Dominating Set Construction and Application in Wireless Sensor Networks. Outstanding Graduate Research Award, MILCOM 2007 Travel Award.
  15. Dr. Chinh Trung Vu (Fall 2005~Summer 2009), Van Lang Technology Development & Investment JSC, Hanoi, Vietnam. Thesis: Distributed Energy-efficient Solutions for Area Coverage Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks. Outstanding Graduate Research Award, MILCOM 2006 Travel Award.

Master Graduates

  1. Hansika Yedlapalli (Summer 2022~Spring 2024), Project: WordWave – An Enhanced Audio Language Modeling For A Text-To-Speech System.
  2. Shivani Kolanu (Fall 2022~Spring 2024), Project: Online Voting System using Blockchain.
  3. Haijing Zhang (Summer 2021~Fall 2023), Project: Optimizing Mobile Crowdsourcing Quality with Four-Party Evolutionary Game in Edge Cloud Environment.
  4. Sai Sirisha Vadapalli (Summer 2022~Fall 2023), Project: Enhancing Sequential Data Analysis Using the RVT Block Structure: Integrating Convolution, Self-Attention, and LSTM.
  5. Bhavana Mamidi (Summer 2022~Summer 2023), Project: Multi-Class Brain Tumor Recognition through MSENet.
  6. Rujula Malineni (Fall 2022~Spring 2023), Project: Music Genre Classification.
  7. Gaayathri Vaidhyanathan Pazhambalacode (Fall 2021~Spring 2023), Project: Music Recommendation System Using Implicit Feedback Mechanism.
  8. Revanth Pendyala (Summer 2022~Spring 2023), Project: Methods to Identify Misconfigurations and Bypass Web Application Firewalls.
  9. Lakshman Pavan Kumar Bodapati (Fall 2022~Spring 2023), Project: Diabetic Retinopathy Severity Prediction.
  10. Aswini Purnima Sreepada (Summer 2022~Fall 2022), Project: Movie Recommender System.
  11. Pranay Bachu (Summer 2021~Fall 2022), Project: Security and Privacy of Captcha Recognition Black Box Testing.
  12. Archana Benkkallpalli Chandrashekhar (Fall 2021~Fall 2022), Project: Hospital Monitoring System Using Digital Twin.
  13. Srikar Chowdavarapu (Fall 2021~Summer 2022), Project: Smart Home Recommendation System with Digital Twin.
  14. Vinayak Renu Nair (Spring 2021~Summer 2022), Project: MES Simulator Tool for Data Transfer and Handover Scenarios.
  15. Maha Lakshmi Annavarapu (Fall 2021~Spring 2022), Project: Location Based Recommendation.
  16. Hunmin Lee (Fall 2021~Spring 2022), Thesis: Epidemic Vulnerability Index: Vaccine Dissemination Criteria for Successful Resolution to Epidemics.
  17. Sri Harsha Kacharla (Summer 2021~Fall 2021), Project: Discord Course Bot.
  18. Susanth Sampath Kumar Dasari (Spring 2020~Spring 2021), Project: Adversarial ML based Privacy Preservation against Face Detection on Social Media.
  19. Huiwen Ju (Fall 2019~Fall 2020), Project: End-to-end Decentralized and Privacy-preserving Machine Learning Pipelines.
  20. Khushboo Neema (Fall 2018~Summer 2019), Project: Mobile Application Development for Sports Applications.
  21. Prakruthi Rao (Fall 2018~Summer 2019), Project: Image Captioning using Deep Learning Techniques.
  22. Gowtham Krishna Potluri (Fall 2018~Summer 2019), Project: Web Portal for Graduation Milestones Forms.
  23. Huafu Hu (Fall 2017~Spring 2019), Project: Online Graduate Student Management System. Service Award.
  24. Weidong Zhao (Fall 2018~Spring 2019), Project: Chinese Input Prediction based on Sensory Data.
  25. Rumman Ahmed (Spring 2018~Summer 2018), Project: Preserving the Privacy in Online Social Networks Using Enhanced Clustering Algorithms.
  26. Xuan Liu (Fall 2016~Fall 2017), Project: Financial Annual Report Text Classification.
  27. Ankush Chauhan (Summer 2017~Fall 2017), Project: Tap Position Inference on Smart Phones.
  28. Linlin Zhou (Fall 2016~Spring 2017), Project: Improve Prediction Accuracy for Clinic Medical Data Analysis.
  29. Hussah Ali Albinali (Fall 2015~Fall 2016), Thesis: Identifying Mavens in Social Networks. MSN 2016 Best Paper Runner-up Award .
  30. Huaping Ding (Spring 2010~Fall 2011), Project: A Platform for Comparing CDS Discovering Algorithms.
  31. Bhavya Kilari (Fall 2009~Spring 2011), Project: GSUZapApp-Send Notifications in a Single Click.
  32. Manshu Zhang (Spring 2009~Spring 2010), Project: OCEF Finance System I.
  33. Soheil Rahim (Summer 2009~Spring 2010), Project: OCEF Finance System II.
  34. Sangeetha Glova (Fall 2009~Summer 2010), Project: Dimension Reduction for Biological Data.
  35. Shan Bai (Fall 2007~Spring 2009), Project: Data Packet Loss Rate in Wireless Sensor Networks.
  36. Chaitanya K. Sambhara (Summer 2006~Fall 2008), Thesis: p-Percent Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks.
  37. Shan Gao (Spring 2006~Spring 2008), Project: Coverage Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks.
  38. Wiwek P. Deshmukh (Summer 2006~Summer 2007), Thesis: A Physical Estimation Based Continuous Monitoring Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Thesis/Project Committee

  1. Guangxi Lu, PhD (12-1-2023), Thesis: Exploring the Utility-Privacy Trade-off in Social Media Data Mining.
  2. Kainan Zhang, PhD (12-1-2023), Thesis: Towards Data Privacy and Utility in the Applications of Graph Neural Networks.
  3. Honghui Xu, PhD (12-1-2023), Thesis: Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning Mechanisms for Multimedia Data-oriented Applications.
  4. Tianbai Yue, MS (7-18-2023), Project: Vehicle Moving Speed Prediction & Travel Path Mapping System.
  5. Zuobin Xiong, PhD (6-20-2023), Thesis: Towards Privacy Preservation of Federated Learning in Artificial Intelligence of Things.
  6. Bhavya Busireddy, MS (12-6-2022), Project: WEBDMAP.
  7. Peng Wang, PhD (7-19-2022), Thesis: Image Based Attack and Protection on Secure Aware Deep Learning.
  8. Moulika Achhe, MS (4-27-2022), Project: Comparison of COVID-19 Real Pandemic Data with SIR Model Results.
  9. Yogesh Chandel, MS (4-27-2022), Project: IoT Dashboard.
  10. Xucan Chen, PhD (4-20-2022), Thesis: Applying Data Mining Algorithms on Open Source Intelligence to Combat Cyber Crime.
  11. Jishen Yang, PhD (11-23-2021), Thesis: Privacy Protection For Visual Data Against Deep Learning Based Computer Vision Models.
  12. Fengpan Zhao, PhD (11-15-2021), Thesis: Spam Detection in Social Media with Privacy Protection.
  13. Soukaina Filali Boubrahimi, PhD (7-15-2020), Thesis: Time Series Mining: Ensembling, Shapelet Discovery, and Applications.
  14. Raghunandan Gardas, MS (4-17-2018), Project: Assword Wallet.
  15. Chaoyang Li, PhD (8-07-2017), Advisor-Dr. Bourgeois, Thesis: Full-view Coverage Problems in Camera Sensor Networks.
  16. Badrinath Jayakumar, PhD (12-01-2016), Thesis: Distributed Graph Storage And Querying System.
  17. Xiaolong Wu, MS (11-30-2015), Thesis: Optimizing Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication on a Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Platform.
  18. Saloni Jain, MS (4-10-2015), Thesis: Real-Time Social Network Data Mining for Predicting the Path for a Disaster.
  19. Hari Uday, MS (11-18-2014), Project: Security in the Cloud for EMR.
  20. Shankar Potluri, MS (11-18-2014), Advisor-Dr. Zhu, Project: Atlanta Community Resource.
  21. Quintin Ash, MS (4-18-2014), Project: Encryption for Optical Burst Switching Networks.
  22. Jason Brelloch, MS (11-04-2013), Project: Firepath.
  23. Mingsen Xu, PhD (4-23-2013), Thesis: Collaborative Communication and Storage in Energy-Synchronized Sensor Networks.
  24. Diana Castro, MS (11-26-2012), Project: How to Create Blender Tutorials.
  25. Syed E. Haque, MS (4-11-2012), Thesis: Efficient GTS Allocation Schemes for IEEE 802.15.4.
  26. Gang Shen, PhD (3-09-2012), Thesis: Shadow Price Guided Genetic Algorithm.
  27. Brian Strickland, MS (12-01-2011), Project: Consumer Network Traffic Analysis using Snort.
  28. Weiling Li, PhD Candidate (7-25-2011), Project: Negation in General Deductive Databases.
  29. Hailong Hou, PhD (4-15-2011), Thesis: Granular Word and its Application in Security and Searching Engines.
  30. Russell Holloway, MS (11-22-2010), Thesis: Covert DCF: A DCF-based Covert Timing Channel in 802.11 Networks.
  31. Rucha Patel, MS (11-170-2010), Project: Position Verification of Nodes in Clustered Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks.
  32. Akshaye Dhawan, PhD (8-05-2009), Thesis: Distributed Algorithms for Maximizing the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks.
  33. Marco Valero, MS (4-08-2009), Thesis: Implementing Energy-saving Improvements to the IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Protocol.
  34. Telvis E. Calhoun, MS (3-23-2009), Thesis: A Covert Channel Using 802.11 LANs.
  35. Sunetri P. Dasari, MS (11-27-2007), Thesis: Peer-to-Peer Distributed SyD Directory Synchronization in a Proximity-based Environment.
  36. Xiuyun Shen, MS (5-22-2007), Thesis: A Domain-Specific Conceptual Query System.
  37. Anjum B. Reyaz-Ahmed, MS (4-20-2007), Thesis: Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Using Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms.
  38. Aung Aung, MS (4-20-2007), Thesis: Distributed Algorithms for Improving Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime with Adjustable Sensing Range.
  39. Alexander F. Ribadeneira, MS (4-16-2007), Thesis: An Analysis of the MOS under Conditions of Delay, Jitter and Packet Loss and an analysis of the Impact of introducing Piggybacking and Reed Solomom FEC for VoIP.
  40. Sugandhi Madiraju, MS (10-17-2006), Thesis: An Agent Based Transaction Manager for Multidatabase Systems.
  41. Liyang Yu, MS (3-09-2006), Thesis: An Indexation and Discovery Architecture for Semantic Web Services and its Application in Bioinformatics.